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Long's Peak (to Keyhole)
Rocky Mountain National Park

Monday, 11 September 2006

More or less chronologically
(Today's photos by Mike and Tom)


Chasm Lake Junction -- Chasm Lake dead ahead; Long's Peak summit (by trail) 3.5 mi to the right

Grinding up the trail to the Boulder Field


Entry to Boulder Field; Keyhole to right

High-tech crappers at the Boulder Field campground; nasty storm approaching

Boulder Field just below Keyhole; only the tops of boulders protrude through snow making travel...interesting due to hidden holes between rocks.

Looking down the Boulder Field from near the Keyhole

Skip (with white hat in hand; middle foreground) just below hut and Keyhole in falling snow

Skip in the Keyhole; temps were cold, but not unbearable; wind was reasonably light (unlike last year).

Other side of the Keyhole looking southeast toward ledges (iced over) and Trough

Cirque on other side of Keyhole

Tucker attempting to depart Keyhole intact ("Cheeks don't fail me now."); note death grip on rock and Skip waiting for right moment to step on fingers

East and north faces of the Peak-- want a different view?  Wait a few minutes (below).

Bandit marmot attempting to hold up hikers

Squirrel attempting to build nest with abandoned knit cap

Chipmunk violating pack

Chasm Lake Junction during descent in snow pellet storm

Wee bit tired after 9+ hours on the trail